Fund Raising



Help the Friends of Alec Wilder keep Alec and his music alive for generations to come.
The FOAW Organization has undertaken the following:
* Production of the annual New York City concert.
* Printing and distribution of newsletters.
* Maintaining and updating the website.

* Fostering performances and efforts to preserve Alec Wilder’s life’s works.We need your financial help to continue our efforts. Please consider a one-time or annual contribution. Kindly indicate the level of support that you wish to donate. You will be helping to support, preserve, and further the life’s work of the great American composer Alec Wilder as a:

* Benefactor – $1,000 and upward
* Sustainer – $500 to $999
* Patron – $250 tp $499
* Contributor – $100 to $249
* Supporter – $25 to $99
* Other
The names of our generous friends will be included in the newsletters and concert programs, unless anonymity is requested. Any amount is most welcome. We thank you for your support.
Please make checks payable to FRIENDS OF ALEC WILDER and send to:
C/0 Joellyn Ausanka
1500 Lexington Avenue, Apt. 23B
New York, NY 10029-7359
Please include the donor’s name and email address.
We are in the process of filing for federal non-profit organization status and will send contributors a copy of our new tax ID number when it is finalized.
Once again, thank you for your support!!